The Hall Family

The Hall Family

Little Rock, AR

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Jan 8

“My husband and I have two kids, a daughter in the fourth grade and a son in the first grade. They’ve attended Holy Souls School in Little Rock for five years now. My husband runs a plumbing company, and I work part time at two psychologist offices as an administrative assistant. I started working a second job to help pay for school for both of our kids.

Our kids have always gone to private school, because we weren’t crazy about the public schools around our house. I attended a Catholic elementary and high school myself and loved the smaller environment with more one-on-one teaching. I really liked the extra care and attention that smaller schools are able to offer.

I heard about a lot of issues with our local public schools, like bullying and fighting. At Holy Souls, we haven’t had those problems. The environment is warm, loving, and nurturing. Because of my great experience growing up in a Catholic school, I wanted to offer that to my kids as well.

Our daughter was diagnosed with ADHD in the third grade, and when she was retested this year, she showed two characteristics of dyslexia. One of the psychologists that I work for told me about LEARNS, and other parents of ADHD kids informed me that my daughter could qualify for an Education Freedom Account (EFA). I thought it would be great to apply.

The application process itself was pretty simple and straightforward. It took about 30 minutes to apply online. I heard back from them within a month, and they said we were approved. They had great tutorials and guidelines to look up if we needed help. If we emailed them, they would answer us right back. It was all very quick and simple. We definitely plan to reapply.

The EFA has been a great financial relief. It frees up the funds to pay for supplemental things we can do for our daughter, and we’ve used that extra money to get a dyslexia tutor for her. I had started a second job to help pay for our daughter’s school this year, so once we found out we were approved, it took a lot of pressure off of us.

I’m very grateful, and we are blessed to be part of the EFA program.”

Kate Hall

Arkansas mom, administrative assistant, & Arkansas education freedom success story

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