Lisa's Family
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Lisa's Family

Russellville, Arkansas

Next Gen
Feb 28
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“Our kids had always attended public schools, except for a local church private school in preschool and kindergarten. We’ve always desired to put our kids in a smaller school setting rather than the bigger schools, and we switched to a private school this year in September. Now, my son attends Valley Christian Academy in Russellville. 

We weren’t happy with the public school system. Our son is doing much better in a smaller classroom setting with more one-on-one focus. The teachers can pay more attention to the kids and see if they’re struggling, because they’re not distracted with having huge classes.

We heard about Education Freedom Accounts through Valley Christian, and we began participating in the program in September of 2023. We wouldn’t have been able to afford to send our son to private school without the EFA program.

The application process was easy, and I was shocked and impressed by how quickly everything was processed and approved. I got a response within a couple of hours—I can barely get through the DMV line in that amount of time! It was so simple and smooth. We’ve used the EFA program for both semesters this year and will continue using it next year.

The EFA program helped me put my son in a better situation that I couldn't have easily afforded on my own. Sending him to private school would have been next to impossible.

It’s so stress-relieving to not have to worry about some of the complications we had with public school, like bullying or the lack of attention to children with learning differences. Those are things that are difficult to focus on in public school because there are just so many kids.

Now, I have peace of mind that my son is in an environment I feel comfortable with, and he is succeeding academically.”


Arkansas mom, EFA beneficiary, and education freedom success story

At Lisa's request, her last name and real likeness were not disclosed as part of this story.

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