April 20, 2023

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LITTLE ROCK – A new report released today by Opportunity Arkansas reveals the truth about the financial health of hospitals in Arkansas. According to the findings of the study, Arkansas hospitals have a spending problem, not a revenue problem. Instead of properly stewarding their taxpayer funding, Arkansas hospitals continue to recklessly ask state decision-makers for more and more.

Key findings include:

  • Arkansas hospitals’ executive pay has grown at more than twice the pace of revenue
  • Arkansas hospital reimbursement rates and state spending on hospitals is through the roof
  • Pandemic-era aid to Arkansas hospitals is likely in excess of $1 billion

‍Hayden Dublois, author of the report and Visiting Economist for Opportunity Arkansas, said that financial decisions made by hospitals impact the bottom line of every Arkansan.

“Much of this hospital spending comes not just at a financial cost but an opportunity cost,” he explained. “As hospitals have become more and more dependent on state taxpayers, the prospect of eliminating the state income tax has gotten pushed further and further into the future.”

Nic Horton, Founder and CEO of Opportunity Arkansas, said the report emphasizes the importance of focusing on tax relief for hard-working Arkansans.

“Hospitals in the state are seeing record revenue,” he explained. “Yet, on their own, the state’s largest hospitals bring in more revenue than the state government spends on agriculture, commerce, corrections, energy, labor and licensing, tourism and parks, finance and administration, and veterans affairs combined.

“It’s time Arkansas hospitals start spending their money wisely, like every Arkansan has to, instead of expecting perpetual bailouts from taxpayers,” says Horton.

To read the full report, view it here.

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