November 1, 2023

Rachael Slobodien


CONWAY, AR – Today, Opportunity Arkansas released a new polling showing nearly 60 percent of Arkansas voters support educational freedom. The poll also found a plurality of Democrats (43 percent) support educational freedom, along with three out of four Republicans (74 percent) and a majority of independent voters (56 percent).

Education freedom was adopted earlier this year as part of the LEARNS Act. The policy allows Arkansas parents to choose a school that is best for their kids, regardless of income or zip code. While recent Opportunity Arkansas polling has shown voter support for the LEARNS Act as a whole has fluctuated, these latest numbers confirm that support for education freedom–a core component of the act–remains strong.

Upon release of the poll, Nic Horton, Founder & CEO of Opportunity Arkansas, offered the following statement:

“Defenders of the status quo have waged a nonstop campaign of chaos and confusion, working overtime to tarnish the public’s opinion of LEARNS. These efforts included a frivolous lawsuit (which the Arkansas Supreme Court scoffed at), a failed ballot petition campaign, and a constant barrage of negative headlines from the state media. But even so, these latest poll numbers leave no doubt about where voters stand on the most transformational part of the LEARNS Act: Arkansans support education freedom and putting students first in our education system.

“Opponents of commonsense education reform may win some small battles against the brand of LEARNS, but they are losing and will lose the war on the merits of the Act’s most transformational policy. Arkansans want an education system that puts students first and parents in charge. Thankfully, they are going to get it.”

Recent research by OAF found that the state’s education freedom account program is already working, helping thousands of Arkansas children with disabilities cover the cost of their education.

Click here to view the Opportunity Arkansas educational freedom poll and as well as its methodology.

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