June 20, 2023

Nic Horton


The legislative scorecard is the first for OAF, first released statewide this year

LITTLE ROCK – Opportunity Arkansas Foundation is pleased to announce the release of its first legislative scorecard, the 2023 Opportunity Scorecard. The Opportunity Scorecard is also the first scorecard released in Arkansas since the conclusion of the 2023 legislative session.

The Opportunity Scorecard represents a significant milestone in OA's ongoing efforts to renew Arkansas as the Land of Opportunity for the next generation.

"We are thrilled to introduce our Opportunity Scorecard and to recognize legislators who worked hard to expand and protect opportunity for Arkansans this session," said Nic Horton, Founder and CEO of Opportunity Arkansas. "In an era where accountability and transparency are paramount–but all too uncommon–we hope our scorecard serves as a valuable resource for the public and policymakers alike."

The scorecard was created to educate the public about the voting records of their representatives and to recognize the hard work and conservative dedication of policymakers who have fought to expand opportunity in the Natural State.

The scorecard includes:

  • 19 pieces of legislation from the 2023 legislative session;
  • Highest and lowest scoring Republican members in each legislative chamber;
  • Highest and lowest scoring Democrat members in each legislative chamber;
  • Opportunity Arkansas Foundation award winners: Opportunity Defenders (legislators who scored above 90 percent on all scored bills) and Opportunity Pioneers (legislators who led on key issues);
  • An explanation of scorecard methodology;
  • A summary of scored bills; and
  • Much more

All scored bills fall within one of Opportunity Arkansas’s policy pathways, as detailed in OA's 2023 Roadmap to Opportunity.

The majority of the bills listed on the scorecard achieve reforms that Opportunity Arkansas has directly promoted through research, expert testimony, emails, opinion pieces, polling, and more. Additionally, every scored bill was graded and included on Opportunity Arkansas’s online bill tracker during the legislative session.

“Our methodology goes beyond mere partisan categorizations and instead focuses on voting outcomes,” explained Horton. “If Arkansans want to know where their legislators stand on the defining opportunity issues of our time–educational freedom, removing penalties on work, restoring peace in our communities, and protecting our safety net–there is no more comprehensive place to look than our Opportunity Scorecard."

The Opportunity Scorecard is available to the public through OA's website, ensuring easy access for citizens across the state.

To access the Scorecard, please visit

About Opportunity Arkansas Foundation
Opportunity Arkansas Foundation is an independent, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization on a mission to renew the Land of Opportunity by simplifying government and solving generational problems for the next generation. OA stands ready to partner with state policymakers who share these goals. To learn more, visit



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