April 6, 2023

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First-of-its-kind Arkansas poll to monitor voter sentiments on top issues, give policymakers “needed courage to tackle bold reforms”

LITTLE ROCK — Today, Opportunity Arkansas Foundation founder and CEO Nic Horton announced the launch of the think tank's new Arkansas Wire quarterly tracking poll. The poll will regularly survey likely Arkansas voters on the major issues facing the state, as well as capture approval ratings for state leaders.

"The Arkansas Wire quarterly tracking poll is a unique, first-of-its-kind project with a very simple goal: to counteract the loud, negative noise of the Left and the Twittersphere and give policymakers an honest assessment of where the public stands. We’re going directly to the voters and getting their feedback on the major issues and major leaders without any noise or spin,” Horton said.

“By doing this, we’re going to give policymakers the courage they need to continue tackling bold reforms—because over time, they’re going to see that when they deliver for the people of Arkansas, the people of Arkansas deliver for them.”

Key takeaways from the first Arkansas Wire tracking poll:

  • Inflation and the economy remain top-of-mind for voters: 33% of voters rank this issue as the most pressing one facing the state. Education came in second place (16%).
  • Strong support for LEARNS: This legislation, designed to revitalize the state's education system, currently enjoys net support of +15%, including support from a majority of Republicans and a plurality of Independents.
  • Out with the income tax: Arkansans strongly support phasing out the state's income tax by a strong margin of +22%.
  • Sarah sailing: Arkansans overwhelmingly approve of the job Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders is doing, garnering her a net approval rating of +18%. This includes a strong majority of Republicans and a plurality of Independents. Compared to recent polls in neighboring states, this gives Sanders one of the highest gubernatorial approval ratings in the region.
  • Liking the legislature: Arkansans also approve of the job the Arkansas General Assembly is doing by a net margin of +4%.
  • Biden bombing: Arkansans overwhelmingly disapprove of the job President Joe Biden is doing with a -19% net approval rating. Just 17% of Republicans and 30% of Independents approve of Biden's performance, compared to 81% and 62%, respectively, who disapprove.

To view the first-ever Arkansas Wire quarterly tracking poll in its entirety, click here.

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