July 3, 2023

Nic Horton, (501) 230-9302


OppArk CEO says Hiland will be “firm but fair,” bring much needed perspective

LITTLE ROCK – Today, Governor Sarah Sanders announced her appointment of Cody Hiland to the Arkansas Supreme Court. Hiland, a former U.S. Attorney, is also an advisory board member of Opportunity Arkansas. 

After the announcement, Nic Horton, founder and CEO of Opportunity Arkansas, released the following statement:

Cody Hiland's appointment to the Arkansas Supreme Court is welcome news for all Arkansans who value the rule of law. Cody has a long and distinguished history as a public servant to our state and our country. He has proven himself to be an ardent friend of our Constitution and will bring a firm-but-fair mentality to the bench that is much needed as Arkansas continues to grapple with record-high crime rates. And as the Arkansas legend who ended the infamous Damascus speed trap that targeted citizens for years, Cody has also shown himself to be a strong advocate for the people when government oversteps. This balanced mindset is exactly what we need in our judiciary.

Much like he did as U.S. Attorney, Cody will serve the people of Arkansas with honor and distinction, taking seriously his new responsibility to interpret the law, not make it. I am proud to call Cody a friend and I deeply appreciate his wise advice and counsel as we have launched our organization. His love for the Land of Opportunity is unquestioned, and Arkansans should be delighted to have him serve them in this new role."

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