November 29, 2022

Nic Horton, (501) 230-9302


LITTLE ROCKOpportunity Arkansas, a new, independent non-profit organization, has released its Roadmap to Opportunity 2023. The roadmap presents more than 25 homegrown solutions and ideas for real change in Arkansas, focused on creating and protecting opportunity for all Arkansans.  

“There is so much to love about our great state. Our people; our communities; our way of life. But we can do better–and we must–when it comes to public policy. Generational problems, largely created by state government, are holding us back,” said Nic Horton, Founder and CEO of Opportunity Arkansas and lifelong Arkansan. “We can love our state deeply and also recognize we can do better.”

For each of the six Pathways to Opportunity (or policy issues areas), the roadmap identifies three elements: 1. The current roadblock to reform; 2. Homegrown ideas and solutions for overcoming the roadblock; and 3. A guiding principle statement to help orient next steps by state policymakers.

The six Pathways to Opportunity are:

  • Making Arkansas' workforce competitive
  • Preparing the next generation for the workforce
  • Restoring law and order
  • Putting Arkansas families first
  • Rebuilding the safety net
  • Reducing the state bureaucracy

“We’ve got to put the shovel down and stop digging. We have more than a million people on welfare, an income tax that punishes work, and way too many kids that can’t read. We have to stop repeating the same mistakes over and over. We’ve got to break the cycle. Our generation can't accept a future for our kids that looks like our past,” Horton said. “We need public policy that moves us toward more opportunity for the great people of our great state. The Roadmap to Opportunity is exactly that.”

To view the full roadmap with more than 25 homegrown ideas for real change, visit: Arkansas’s Roadmap to Opportunity 2023.

For meetings, bookings, or interviews, contact Nic Horton via email at or via phone at (501) 230-9302.

About Opportunity Arkansas
Opportunity Arkansas is an independent, non-profit organization on a mission to renew the Land of Opportunity by simplifying government and solving generational problems for the next generation. OA stands ready to partner with state policymakers who share these goals. To learn more, visit


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